Heart Speaks

A blog dedicated to the survivors, supporters and the wonderful lovely people that have Did/Mpd

Including myself, I am Rose. I am a young adult from Boston,Mass and
recently ive found to accept myself and my disorder along with the voices sharing my outrageous mind.

Many souls (and possibly many more) sharing one heart,

We are Alice,Sara,Elisa,Brandon,Rachel and recently added Peter and Amelia and Damien! ( There will be alters popping in and out so fee free to say hi! )

Join us on our journey
Heart Speaks turned 2 today!

thanks for everything guys!

Heart Speaks turned 2 today!

thanks for everything guys!

Anonymous asked: Hiya:) since you're not too busy, I wanted to ask if you have an easy little spell for a beginner? Just something fun, nothing serious


How about a spell for my Spell Polish?

What you need: 

  • bottle of nail polish, any color works! 
  • wand/athame/finger to direct energy
  • Candle
  • something to light the candle with


  1. Gather your items
  2. if you use a circle, cast it now
  3. take your energy directing tool and focus your intent, fill the polish with your chosen intent for self confidence, love, money, luck etc
  4. place the polish in front of the candle
  5. light the candle and state your intent to the universe,
  6. allow the candle to burn down and go out on its own
  7. Now you have your own bottle of spell polish! 


If you are not a nail polish wearing individual

Ivy’s Home protection Herb satchet

What you need: 

  • small pouch (or a piece of fabric you can make into a pouch)
  • Sage
  • Course Sea Salt or Rock salt (larger the grain the better! otherwise it gets everywhere!) 
  • Cayenne pepper or dried chilis (really any dried pepper that is spicy will work, if no access to peppers[not powders!], substitute cinnamon stick)
  • piece of paper (post it size)
  • something to write with


  1. on a piece of paper, write a small sentence asking for protection for your home, room, space etc (you can also draw sigils, invoke deity or something else)
  2. place the paper in the pouch 
  3. mix together the sage, salt and add to the bag, focusing on cleansing and protection as you mix (note; don’t grind this too finely unless your pouch is woven tight enough, otherwise it will get everywhere) 
  4. add in the peppers or cinnamon, focusing on fierce strong protection
  5. hang above a window or door in your space. 
  6. Done!